Our Roasts

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Gut-pleasing Guatemalan

This single-origin offering has been selected for its ability to please the stomach as well as the palette. It is essentially a coffee that is drinkable no matter what the circumstances around it may be. It’s not uncommon to burp while drinking this brew. It’s a crowd pleaser in the best sense. It is characterized by deep body and a heavy mouthfeel. It is enjoyable to those who prefer a darker roast of coffee without the smokey, almost bland, taste of that roasting style. 


Verry Berry Ethiopian

Overt tones of berries dominate this particular offering highlighting some of the best that Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, has to offer. It is light on the tongue and bright, with minimal citrus flavor, while still being irresistibly drinkable. One might assume that this coffee is flavored, either artificially or naturally, but it is the natural process of drying the coffee fruit that lends itself to such a sweet and intense flavor.


Herbaceous Indonesian

Complex and nuanced, this offering carries with it tastes of green herbal teas allowing for some amazing combinations. It will leave a lasting impression through its unique characteristics and lingering aftertaste. While it contains a multitude of flavors, the coffee-ness of this offering shines through in its own way.


Dedicated Decaf

Sweet and delicious, our Swiss Water Processed decaffeinated offering means that Roots Roasting’s coffee can be accessible to anyone, any time. While containing only 1% of the caffeine, this is a coffee drinker’s coffee that can stand up to most brewing techniques. Look for hints of caramelized sugar, nuts and cacao in this cup and, we assure you, it’s decaffeinated!


Classic Espresso

Our only blend, this offering is all about balance. It attempts to strike a superior experience as straight espresso while still holding its own in a milk environment. A classic recipe, with a Brazil base for sweetness and some funk and seasoning from other origins, it is sure to delight as espresso or drip coffee.