A Traditional Roast

The coffee we love most, and the coffee we want to share, is coffee that is approached in a traditional manner - not trying to slow roast the bean to make it as mellow as possible or quickly roasting it to make it as bright as possible but in the happy medium between.

We are going back to the roots of what coffee was in the US before the industrial revolution. Back when the government shipped roasters to the remote front lines of our wars because coffee wasn’t something that should be shipped and allowed to stale. Back when people in rural areas roasted their own coffee at home from unroasted beans bought at the general store and folk in urban areas went to their local roasteries much like they’d go to the local bakery.


Our Company

We are coffee enthusiasts, passionate consumers and evangelists for accessible quality. We appreciate coffees as special experiences that we are privileged to consume. We love coffee. And love isn’t the sort of thing that you want to keep private.

We draw inspiration from this history in the US. We use the past to inform the future. We take this connection seriously, which is why 5% of our profits are donated towards ending modern slavery in the coffee industry in Brazil. 


Meet the Owner

Pete Poire-Odegard grew up in Saint Paul and returned after moving around the country for fifteen years in 2012. His coffee enthusiasm led him to becoming a regular home roaster starting in 2004, and shortly thereafter the dream of opening a roastery was born. He jumped on the opportunity to apprentice under Andrea Spella and, when circumstances aligned to open Roots Roasting he couldn't wait to share the coffee he loved on a commercial scale.